Shra desk makes a dialog between the traditional use of table and the fluid contemporary dialect with consistent lines and touches.


Okita Multi-Use Structure derived from beauty of organic forms and curvilinear lines found on anatomical structures. These gorgeous anatomical forms and lines are transformed to an spectacular form to bring life and identity


Sakusa Seat has been created as a contemporary piece of decor art that will provide a clean aesthetic in their space without sacrificing on functionality. The seat creates a uniform image in any space thanks to loop design which allow us to make curvaceous and minimalist form. Sakusa seat makes a functional focal point as furniture but also art piece.


The studio has focused on creating a very minimal desk. All we need is a table top and a leg so we have merged them together with smooth transitions within unibody form to create a desk.  Straight surfaces and curved lines balance together to create a minimal marriage.


Our New Project, Goria Multi-use Structure has been inspired by smooth forms and curvy lines found on anatomical structures such as bones and muscles. These gorgeous anatomical forms and lines are transformed to an spectacular form to bring life and identity. Goria is inviting users and visitors to see and explore endless possibilities lines of a floating form.


Our latest product Akiba inspired by the smoothly branched forms found within nature.

We have tried to explore the relationship between abstractness and branch form lines so applied the techniques of abstraction, movement and asymmetry to bring life and identity to a solid line form. Akiba, a superb piece with fluid and straight lines which inviting users to seat and explore a continuous curvilinear lines. Intended for multi-functional use as a bench, table, a surface to touch, to rest on for outdoor and also indoor spaces.


Our New Product Shiba Reception Desk focuses on using minimal lines and forms to design very simple product. So we decided to use only lines to create a non solid form. Motion of curvy sketch lines transform into dynamic simple geometry of a fluid form. Soft curve lines balance together to explore the relationship between ergonomic usage and aesthetic design. All these curve lines, fluid form and smooth transitions represent the lightness of space with a single form.


Say Hello to our little friends Ikimono. They are cute adaptations of some animals. We have designed them for multi-purposes. They are decorative objects and figurines but also they are seats like a mini stool. The studio has designed eleven versions of little friends which you may use as a decorative lamp for your garden or a adorable seating product for your house also.


We explore more usage function for Tregola Table form which has been created with some folding, bending and twisting design formations which based on triangular geometry.  Our goal is to make minimalist form which reflects dynamism and simple geometry with unbroken design form.

We have created flowing connections between symmetrical and asymmetrical fluid lines. Tregola Lounge has two versions which one of them is straight and the other one is curvy usage and they are suitable for any space requirements.


Nüvist’s new product Kanda Reception Desk derived from beauty of smooth forms found within the nature. Specially inspired and transformed from slot canyons in the nature world into Kanda’s iconic fluid design. Straight and soft curves balance together to create continuous form. The resulting desk is inviting to visitors to explore forces of motion and lightness of space.