Oreala Lamp by Nüvist

We felt it would be a wonderful source of inspiration for transforming iconographic halos and circular glows into physical forms. We chose to make a lamp that we accept a circular glow context as a light source. 

Meduza Lectern by Nüvist

We are always impressed by the nature life and its environs. From the color of it to form of have they are incredible.  And also we always love the jelly fishes forms and movements. For this design, we are inspired by jelly fishes specially the type of Ctenophora.

Okeana Multi-Use Structure by Nüvist

In fluid dynamics, wind waves, or wind-generated waves, are water surface waves that occur on the free surface of bodies of water. They result from the wind blowing over a fluid surface. Waves directly generated and affected by local waters or wind wave system and the result of the forms are amazing. 

Volya Seat by Nüvist

We love all curves of the natures. So Volya Seat has been inspired by the concave convex surfaces in the nature. We have tried to make a balance between concave and convex surfaces like a yin and yang. 

Vintovaya Desk by Nüvist

The golden ratio is also called the golden spiral or the golden section whatever you called that Mathematicians since Euclid have studied the properties of it; it has been used to analyze the proportions of natural objects as well as man-made systems. The golden ratio appears in some patterns in nature, including the spiral arrangement of leaves and other plant parts.

Aktuelle Situation zu Covid-19 und anderen Themen

Da wir in den letzten Monaten einige Schwierigkeiten hatten, möchten wir eine Information darüber schreiben.

Wie Sie wissen, hat die Welt aufgrund der Pandemie sehr schwere Tage durchgemacht, und davor gibt es auch einige Schwierigkeiten wie politische oder wirtschaftliche Kriege und auch echte Kriege.

Jedes Land hat andere Geschichten und Probleme, also auch unser Land. Vielleicht wissen Sie, dass es einige Probleme mit politischen und wirtschaftlichen Situationen in unserem Land und auch mit den Beziehungen zu anderen Ländern gibt.

Wir möchten, dass Sie wissen, dass es in unserem Land viele großartige Menschen wie Architekten, Künstler, Wissenschaftler, Musiker, Journalisten und sogar Studenten gibt, die moderne und großartige Werke schaffen. Und sie versuchen in diesem Chaos ihr Bestes zu geben.

Vielleicht ist es schwierig für Sie, aber wir möchten, dass Sie keine politischen Ansichten oder Gedanken in alle Arten von Kunstwerken einbeziehen, d. H. Architektur, Kunst, Wissenschaft oder Musik.


Prosta Seat

Prosta Seat has been designed as a modern piece of art object that will provide a clean aesthetic in their space without sacrificing on functionality.

We focus on creating a powerful fluid effect without touching traditional usage of a seating product. Fluidity can be either represented through curvilinear lines or solid shapes with an effect of lightness. The continuous form of Prosta Seat does not only keep the design minimal, they make for dynamic, energizing and contemporary statement in any indoor our outdoor space.