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Среда Октябрь 18th, 2017

Nüvist’s new product Kanda Reception Desk derived from beauty of smooth forms found within the nature.

Среда Сентябрь 20th, 2017

Kore is one of the three chair products series which called Kore, Sore and Are. The studio has designed dynamic simple geometry of a fluid volume.

Среда Август 16th, 2017

The studio has designed a collection which includes table and seating. The collection explores the relationship and dialogue between the table and the seat furniture with the same formal language.

Среда Июль 19th, 2017

The Studio has designed a lectern with focusing on little touches to traditional usage of a lectern design. Groma Lectern provides an introduction to the formal language of seamless fluid form explored by our practice.

Среда Июнь 14th, 2017

Reya Table derives from beauty of formal systems found within nature. The studio has applied the techniques of movement and asymmetry to bring life to organic form.