Dienstag, der 7. Dezember 2021

The dynamics of vortices are a significant idea and source of inspiration for the Puchina high table. The motions and flows of the vortices have defined the form of the table. These dynamic circulation notions have been translated into a real product design.

Dienstag, der 2. November 2021

One of our clients requested a new low cabinet design that would fit the style of our Leta Reception desk, also they need some drawers and shelves. Low cabinets are basic, minimalist goods, but we wanted to take it a step further.

Mittwoch, der 25. August 2021

We felt it would be a wonderful source of inspiration for transforming iconographic halos and circular glows into physical forms. We chose to make a lamp that we accept a circular glow context as a light source.

Dienstag, der 6. Juli 2021

We are always impressed by the nature life and its environs. From the color of it to form of have they are incredible.  And also we always love the jelly fishes forms and movements. For this design, we are inspired by jelly fishes specially the type of Ctenophora.

Dienstag, der 11. Mai 2021

In fluid dynamics, wind waves, or wind-generated waves, are water surface waves that occur on the free surface of bodies of water. They result from the wind blowing over a fluid surface. Waves directly generated and affected by local waters or wind wave system and the result of the forms are amazing.